Thinking of travelling again? Introducing ‘Contactless Travel’ the world’s first Touch-Free Travel Safety Protocol. First for Double Clean Sanitisation. First to lead the way with COVID-19 Tested Chauffeurs!

Falcon Chauffeurs is proud to partner with the professional drivers within the industry, and that we trust that they’re taking all necessary precautions to shield passengers as lockdown restrictions lift and travel resumes. We ‘ve provided the below recommendations to all or any Falcon’s Certified Drivers to guide their efforts. These recommendations are supported sanitization best-practices, recommendations from the WHO and NHS, and specific expectations…

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As a minimum, PPE equipment should include a protective surgical mask and nitrile or latex gloves. Chauffeurs should wear PPE on every ride, from initial contact to trip completion. They should wear PPE when valeting and disinfecting their vehicles.

Vehicle Cleaning

Chauffeurs should perform a full vehicle cleaning daily. Chauffeurs should thoroughly wash all doors and door handles with soap, water and a sponge, paying special attention to areas where someone would place their hand when opening or closing the door. They should thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas.

Vehicle Disinfecting

Immediately after cleaning and drying all areas of the vehicle, a disinfecting process should follow. Chauffeurs should spray the interior of the vehicle with spray disinfectant. Chauffeurs should use spray disinfectant thoroughly in vents and ducts. Chauffeurs should treat frequently touched areas in detail with disinfectant wipes.

Chauffeur Health

Chauffeurs should perform a daily temperature check and may not execute trips if feeling in the least unwell. Before every ride, they should sanitize all passenger areas & often touched objects in their vehicles. Chauffeurs should have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, available for passengers to use. Chauffeurs always should avoid physical contact with their passengers and they should offer to sanitize passenger’s baggage/luggage at drop off.

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